Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ted's Golden Shoe Award

We were thrilled to attend The Golden Shoe Award Ceremony in Seattle yesterday. It was a very heartwarming and overwhelming event for both of us. Ted was one of three recipients out of hundreds who were nominated.

Jennifer, Katy (me), Ted

Jennifer Conley, another brain cancer survivor, nominated Ted after being inspired by his ability to keep moving forward and to give back to others as he struggles with this type of cancer. Jennifer found our website nearly four years ago and contacted us. We discovered that we live only a mile apart. Jeniffer is another long term survivor. She is currently at year five. One thing Ted and Jeniffer have in common, besides the fact that they had the same skillful brain surgeon, is that they both seem to keep smiling and moving forward in the face of life and death struggles. They are both truly inspirational people. Thank you Jennifer! Jennifer was able to join us for the ceremony along with her husband Chris.

Jennifer is a big fan of the guest speaker, Paul Begala, so during our VIP treatment we were allowed private photo sessions with Senator Murray and Mr. Begala. After seeing Begala speak, I am his newest fan and intend to watch him on CNN. He should have been a comedian!
Paul Begala, Ted, Jennifer, and me
Click here for Seattle Times story about the event.

I videotaped Patty Murray's speech about Ted and his acceptance speech. Got nine minutes? I was so proud of him. This speech was in front of 500 people, including two US senators and 20 elected officials, yet Ted never missed a beat.

Click here for the speech and forgive the shakiness sometimes. I didn't have a tripod and was free holding the camera for 10 minutes. Each time I patted Ted or Jennifer on the back, the camera moved.

Ted with Senator Patty Murray
Professional photo by Scott Matsuda from


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing Katy and thank you, Ted, for a wonderfully honest and thoughtful acceptance. Congratulations! Jessica


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