Friday, December 28, 2012

Holidays in Arizona

Of course the number one reason we go to Arizona every year at this time is to visit my family, but it would be nice if the weather would cooperate!  These photos were taken on our second day, which happened to be 52 degrees and rainy!   Everyone thanked us for bringing the weather with us.  If it hadn't been for the cactus, I would have sworn we were home.  Despite the cool, rainy weather, we had a great time and miss everyone already. 

These are photos of Ted and me at the Hieroglyphics Trailhead, which is within walking distance to my parent's house.  My father recently worked with a group of people to rebuild the entrance of the trail to make it more hiker friendly.  

Ted and I at trailhead

Dad and Ted looking toward my parent's house

 Photo from Organstop Pizza- a truly weird place to go for pizza and organ music.  You'll feel the need to laugh at its cheesiness right about the time you get a lump in your throat for its sweetness. They love Canadians here and every time they play the Canadian National anthem, the Canadians jump from their seats and start singing along.  You gotta love it!  

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