Friday, March 29, 2013

Pet Project Happy Ending

Jasmines enjoys a rest at a dog friendly restaurant
We found a great home for Jasmine!  She is the 11 year old dog that a co-worker said was badly behaved and was going to be too much trouble because they had twins on the way. I took her for about a week to see what all the fuss was and discovered she was not a problem at all.  She just hadn't been walked in a long time and was bored, but I knew we couldn't keep her forever, so I set out to find her a loving forever home and Jasmine struck gold! She will no longer be the "bad dog" delegated to a fenced in kitchen for the rest of her life.  She is doing extremely well with  Kate Scrivener. I had the pleasure of co-teaching with Kate this quarter and when she heard of Jasmine's plight, she jumped in and rescued her.  Kate and her husband Paul took Jasmine home last week.  She's been buffed and polished and checked over by a vet.  She will now be spending her golden years doing daily walks, playing in the park and enjoying the kind of attention this sweet girl deserves. 

Kate and Jasmine. You can see Rosie's head peaking out behind Jasmine.
I visited Jasmine in her new digs this week and thoroughly enjoyed a day out with the pack.

Kate, Jasmine, a neighbor's runaway dog Rosie, and I spent the day taking a long walk, going to a dog park and sitting on the patio of a dog friendly restaurant.   

Jasmine sniffs the freedom of one of many dog friendly parks in her new neighborhood in SE Portland.



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