Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July Celebrations

The above and below pictures were taken at our 4th of July refugee camp in Oregon. I like fireworks as much as anyone, but we live in a county where all fireworks are legal.  This makes for a week of really loud bangs, booms and other noises that upset my dogs. My older dog, Morgan, was frantic this year, so we opted to drive across the river to Oregon (a ten minute drive) to the safety and silence of a community that allows only the smallest of fireworks.  I called this trip, Refugee Camp Oregon.   Thank you Oregon for a night of sanity.  I also posted a really spotty video from my cellphone of what July 3rd was like at our house. It brought back memories of when Ted first came home from surgery.  Light and sound were extremely painful, especially things like fireworks! Today, it's not a problem for him, but I can't say the same about our dogs.

Safely at the hotel in Oregon . The dogs were really happy. 

This video was one day before the 4th of July and only a minute of what our neighbors did 3 hours a night for about four days in a row.  There is a neighborhood competition and each night another neighbor joins the club.  Last year I counted 15 different firework displays from my front yard.  This is what prompted us to leave the night of the 4th.  

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