Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ted Dinged a Marine

The Marines stopped by to get the logistics of staying in our house while we are gone. While I gave them a tour of the barracks and latrines, Ted ran a short errand, but when he returned home, he told one of the Marines that he thought he'd “dinged” his car. 
“You’re joking?” said Marine number one, to whom the car belonged. 
               “No.  I’m not.”  Said Ted.
I suggested we take a look at the damage.  Ted’s definition of a ding is very different from mine.  When I hear the word “ding” I imagine a one to two inch scrape in the paint.  Ted’s ding was 3 feet long and five inches high.  Fortunately, Marines are very disciplined. There was not a word of anger or even a look of disgust.  I asked him to please get a bid from multiple repair shops and we would pay immediately.

As far as Ted goes, this incident is a done deal.  He will no longer think about it or dwell anywhere near it, unless I remind him of it.  His brain cancer left him in an almost constant state of here and now.  He doesn't dwell in the past- ever, nor does he spend time living in the future.  His ever present state of being is what I think many people spend years trying to achieve through mediation and Yoga.  He should go on a talk circuit discussing Zen. He can be Zen and I can be Not Zen.  

I live in multiple time zones.  The past, the present and the future are very much alive to me. My dark side, the side that lay broken, bruised and nauseas in a hospital bed last month had a silent temper tantrum when I saw the damage.  I didn't express it outside my brain, but I heard a lot of cuss words being tossed around the inside of my head and some whining.    “Why me?  Why us?”  Despite the urge to kick a tire, I didn't. 

I redirected the negative thoughts and thought about all the wonderful things that have happened to us over the years.  This was a small thing compared to those. Right? Right? Sure it sucks and it’s going to cost a lot of money to fix, probably doubling the cost of this trip, but it is a done deal and there’s nothing we can do about it. Pfffft!  

I will be posting pictures and mileage as we escape this dark and rainy place.  Two days to go.  

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