Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Singing Paddle Board

904 miles to go:

When we arrived in Corning, CA last night it was 64 degrees.  We narrowly escaped a wind and rain filled storm.  We made sure to get through the Siskiyou Range and Mt. Shaster to avoid any ice or snow problems.   

Our Paddle Board sang us a tune the first day. What a nightmare.  It was like driving with trumpets blaring in our ears all the way to Eugene.  With some tips from good old Google we, we made a couple of slight changes and you'd never know the board was on top of our car.  It had something to do with the type of straps we were using.  

Our dog KC is not too happy to be in the car day in day out.  She hasn't eaten since Thursday night.  Poor baby.  There's a lot more traveling to do until we get to our final destination.  We've only gone 500 miles of this journey.  In this photo she is peaking over the back of the dog hammock that covers the backseat of the car.  It's for her protection.  We also have her harnessed to a seat belt.  She can stand, sit, turn around and sleep in her bed but she can't roam the car and jump into the front seat, which makes her really upset.  Better safe than sorry though.   

Hopefully photos tonight. 

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