Monday, January 13, 2014

We Made It!

Weather: Sunny and 70 degrees.

We arrived after dark last night and are currently staying at my sister's place in Gilbert, AZ until the house we are renting opens up on Wednesday.  What a ride!

KC was not thrilled to be car bound for so long. Every hour, she'd start to whine.  She kept us honest.  We stopped every two hours to get out and move around.  It was good for her and us.
Once the rain stopped, the long sleeves were shed and KC and I took a walk at one of several roadside stops. 
 She's now playing with my sister's dogs in a large house with a securely fenced backyard and having a wonderful time.  She will have to re-adjust again once we get into our rental.  It has a fenced yard not secure enough for our little Houdini.  She could easily slip out, not to mention there is a pool, so no dog door for a couple of months.  We walk her every day for 30-45 minutes.  She loves it.

The singing paddle board made it all in one piece, although it got dicey for a while yesterday as we crossed the desert.  The winds almost blew it off of our car. It wanted to shift right.
We fought it for a while, stopping three times in the city of Blythe, CA.  Ted got out and recentered it over the car.  Finally, he decided to shove it to the right side of the roof rack, which is where it wanted to live. It was fine with that.  As soon as he did that, it decided it wanted to be centered again.  Reverse psychology seemed to work.  For all the trouble it was, and all the stress it caused, it was nice to see that a lake is very near our house.  I will be on it as soon as I'm medically cleared. Now we need to find Ted a cheap kayak.  We do everything together.  There's no way I'd go out alone, so we are on the hunt for a used kayak.  

Ted fixing the Paddle Board in Northern California.  One day it would sing, another day it wouldn't.  Southeast winds made it sing.  In the photo above, it was cold and rainy.  Yesterday it was dry and hot.  It didn't sing, but it started to dance.  

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