Sunday, September 14, 2014

Good News!

Ted's oncologist told us that whatever the white stuff is on his MRI, it's not cancer.  Great news. They met with the brain consortium again and a panel of doctors reviewed it again.  There has been no change,so that's a really great sign.  We will have one more MRI in December before we leave for Arizona, mostly because I want peace of mind while on vacation.  After that, he can go back to the six month MRI routine.  They still think the anomalies are vascular and might just go away.

Ted teaching tai chi on Saturday, September 14 at Menucha in Corbett, Oregon
 In the meantime, we have been very, very busy.  We are taking East Coast Swing classes, kayaking and paddleboarding.  Ted does his tai chi classes and last weekend we went to a tai chi reunion where Ted instructed one of the session.  Today we kayaked and paddle boarded with our friends Jen and Chris.  Jen is fighting her GBM for the second time and is making the most of her time.  She's feeling energetic and waiting for her next MRI.  So far so good. She is a seven year survivor!

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