Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ready to Hike?

Practicing the setup
Our dog Zoey happy to see us at her level for once

 Despite getting two backpacks donated to this cause, we've spent most of our savings account on this overnight adventure into the Superstition Wilderness, so I guess that means we have to go!

For some strange reason, I decided last year that I wanted our birthdays to be memorable.  Sometimes when you live in cancer world, your life becomes all about the cancer, so I do my best to find distractions. Last year's birthdays-Ted's is February 13 and mine the 27th-  involved a nice dinner at a beautiful lake with my parents, a puppy adoption and an uncomfortable ride on a horsey saddle at a steakhouse while a bunch of waiters sang happy birthday to me.  See!  I did remember. But this year I had to up the ante because you can only remember so many restaurants.

I decided that I wanted to check one more thing off of my bucket list.  This of course all started with Ted's bucket list in 2006 when he was first diagnosed with brain cancer, but as time passes, I've realized everyone needs a bucket list.
Zoey wishing she could go with us

We start out this morning at my parent's house with a breakfast casserole and coffee. Our friends will be taking us by 4x4 near a place called Reed's Water.  Apparently it's one of the rare watering holes in the Superstitions.  So far the plan is that our friends drop us within a few miles of there and we set up camp.  It's a 10.5 mile hike back to my parent's house with an option to call them at the five mile mark, that is, if our phones work.  Ten miles wouldn't normally be a deal breaker for us, but dear God, those packs are heavy!  Mine is 27 lbs and I'till need to add another water bottle.  Ted's pack is about ten pounds more than mine.  I predict a backache in my near future.  Wish us luck!  There will be pictures.  

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