Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hiking at Silver Falls

Just got back from a wonderful day of hiking. The great thing about hiking in Washington and Oregon is that you can always find a winery somewhere nearby.  We visited Silver Falls State Park. It was a bit cold there this morning, so we bought a hot chocolate and shared it on the trail.  Most of the trails we hike are a little too primitive to sell hot chocolate, but I was happy to be near civilization this time.  I spent ten days on my back with a herniated disc and have only recently recovered, so I didn't want to be too far from help if need be, but I had no problems and Ted and I hiked 3.5 miles.  Lots of elevation gain but well worth the huffing and puffing to see two beautiful falls.

 We stopped at two wineries.  The first one, Alexeli Vineyard was run by a young guy who really knew his wine.  At the second winery, Hanson Vineyards, we met the most delightful man, also a six year cancer survivor.  He showed us his vineyard and gave me some free artichokes, mostly I think because I was able to identify the plant, which is kind of funny because dandelions are about the extent of my plant knowledge.    

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