Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fun on a Budget in Seattle

Katy trudging uphill with Ted's pack
Ted carrying my purple pack (It's heavier)

We try to make every trip an adventure, so we stuffed our backpacks and hopped an Amtrak to Seattle. Ted's award was another excuse to travel and enjoy life.

Always on a budget, we try to find affordable ways to live the high life. It turns out the train was cheaper than driving and since our hotel was within 3 miles of the station, we walked. What we hadn't anticipated were the hills. It seemed to me that it was 3 miles uphill to the hotel and 3 miles uphill back to the train station upon on our return. For those of you who think that isn't possible, I challenge you to place a 40 pound pack on your backs and retrace our steps. I'm not complaining though, we love a challenge and find any excuse to walk, albeit, it wasn't the smartest thing to do as I am still in the vulnerable stages of recovering from a herniated disc. It would appear this morning that I might have pissed the disc off, and it is getting a little revenge on me.

Ted at the winners' table

Room with a View
Westin Seattle

Neither of us are big eaters, so while traveling in cities, we hunt for happy hours. You get a large variety of smaller portions for a lot less money.  
Ted at PF Chang's
Vegetarian lettuce wrap at PF Chang's Seattle

mini potato tacos for blunch on Friday
Two are already missing...

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