Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wildlife in Yellowstone and Glacier

Baby bison sitting too close to a hot spring on a hot day.  We saw wild bison, moose, elk, and a wolf roaming the park.  In Yellowstone, all you have to do is point out of your car window or stop along a trail and reach for your camera and you draw a huge crowd.  Everyone is eager to see wild animals.  
We ran into this fellow on the trail to John's lake in Glacier Park.  I have marginally better video of him.  I was so excited to see him, most of my photos are blurry.    
LOOK!  A BEAR! It's sitting against a tree. Not really, but we saw this image against a tree about ten minutes after we read all the scary warning signs about lions and bears, so for a moment our eyes played tricks on us.  Once we figured out it was a pile of wood, Ted got brave and tried to touch it.  

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