Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another long term survivor story

I often hear from other long term survivors of GBM, and I know how important it is to see that others can survive this beast beyond what the doctors tell you.  Yesterday I was contacted by a woman whose daughter was diagnosed about the same time as Ted, and she too is still going strong.  Her mother has written a book about her journey.  Here is a link the book:
Nicole's Journey and Survival with Brain Cancer

Nicole's Journey & Survival with Braincancer

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  1. Thank you for posting Nicole's journey, it was written for people who have also been diagnosed with brain cancer (GBM) and were given a grim prognosis like my girl. She is proof that one must never give up HOPE....Nicole has recently passed her 7 years survival, as her Mum I am immensely proud of her for continuing her positive outlook on life.


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