Monday, May 27, 2013

Seven Years Ago Today

It was seven years ago today that Ted stumbled on our walk and landed in an ER.  From that day forward, we began a new life.  It's been an unplanned life, never knowing from one MRI to the next what the future will bring.  The only thing the doctors were certain about was that the GBM would come back.  So far it hasn't. Many people we have loved and admired have died over the last seven years, and most of them never had a warning.  I guess that makes us lucky.

Just got news that another GBM survivor, someone who has become a friend, is doing very well too.  She is a year behind Ted.  She is entering her sixth year.   Glad to hear your news, Jennifer.   Jennifer and Ted shared the same radiologist and surgeon.   We can't thank them enough.  

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