Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More GBM Patients Living Longer

We saw Ted's oncologist today due to some odd symptoms he's been having.  Thankfully his MRI was good. No new sign of tumor growth.  Yippee! 

 He will be going to a neurologist to follow up with his current issue.  We believe it may have something to do with a drug reaction but won't know until next week.  At least I know his MRI was good.   

Why are GBM Patients Living Longer? 

A few weeks back, we visited Ted's original brain surgeon's office for something to do with me and while there, the physician's assistant told us that GBM patients are living longer.  She said that Ted was at the forefront of this longevity.  He is seven years out, but I forgot to ask her why. Today his oncologist explained it.  She said that right about the time Ted was diagnosed, a study came out suggesting  the combination of Temodar and radiation for GBM patients.  She said she is very aggressive with aggressive cancers, so she jumped right on the study and put Ted on the one two punch combination of Temodar and radiation, a phase three drug study at the time.  It turns out that the Temodar and radiation combination is having great success for those who can tolerate the treatments.   Because Ted joined the study at the beginning, he had to go on Temodar for three years.  Today, they have discovered that one year is all that is needed. I've even heard of patients only doing it for six months, but I don't have any idea if that is the current protocol.  Our neighbor and friend, who has been tumor free for six years, only had to go on Temodar for a year, and obviously it is working out for her as well.  I hope that answers that question for all of you!   

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