Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blue Skies for all

A dear friend of the family has allowed us to stay in their father's house.  The house has been empty and it's currently going on the market to sell. It was generous of them to let us stay, albeit we are of course paying rent, but the amount is nothing compared to equivalent properties in Arizona during this time of year.  We have a pool in the back (the water is too cold to swim) and beautiful mountain views in the front.  

The sun hasn't stopped shining since we arrived.  We are only four miles from Lost Dutchman State Park.  The trails are beautiful.  Our goal is to hike every day.  So far, we've done a pretty good job of keeping that goal.  

Ted and KC waving to me

It's bone dry here, so everyone, including KC brings water
Can't help but stop and enjoy the view

In other sunshine and blue sky news, our friend Jennifer, another GBM patient, just got news that her current MRI was good too.  She was diagnosed in 2007.  She had the same surgeon as Ted and followed the same treatment except that she only had to be on Temodar for a year.  Ted was in the guinea pig group of 2006, so he stayed on it for 3 years.  

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