Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cockroaches Help Curb Appetites

The weather was perfect for a day trip to Globe, Arizona.  We made the journey specifically to visit the ruins at  Besh Ba Gowah.  So much of our Native American History is untold, and I try my best to teach my students as much as I can about life before the Europeans settled the Americas.  Besh Ba Gowah was a small, but fascinating site that was almost lost to wind and dust of time.  Thanks to FDR, the ruins were preserved.

We followed the trip with lunch at a well known Mexican restaurant in Superior, AZ, which I will not mention.  It was an odd little place frequented by bikers and cowboys.  Ted ordered the Chili Relleno.  It was thick with oil and cheese.  Not my kind of food.  This trip ( to Arizona) has been spent eating too much of the bad stuff, so it's probably time to cut back on the junk for a while and eat better!  In general our diets are very healthy,  but travel can throw a monkey wrench into the best of intentions.  Fortunately a cockroach crawling out of the kitchen and a waitress with a really bad cough helped curb my appetite, otherwise I might have ordered the yummy looking homemade turnovers. Nothing like phlegm and cockroaches to make you come to your senses.  

Ted being eaten by a giant cactus

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