Thursday, January 15, 2015

Keeping Active Keeps me Sane

Oh this fabulous weather! Even though I still have to crack the whip now and then and pry Ted's fingers off of the electronic devices, it's a lot easier to do so when the sun is shining.    

 Ted and I have been riding bikes lately.  Gilbert Arizona and surrounding areas have miles and miles of car- free bike trails. Our apartment complex lets us borrow bikes for free.  All we have to do is sign a waiver promising not to sue them if we fall into a canal or break something while on their bikes. We rode ten miles today and that was after a 2.5 mile walk with the dogs.

The bikes are one more way we have found to keep moving.  Physical activity helps me to stay sane and keeps both Ted and I actively working on our health.  

We have very big plans coming up.  I will keep you posted.  It involves getting dropped off in the Superstition Mountains and backpacking for a few days.  We are waiting for the ideal weather conditions.  

Good friends of the family have given us some of their old backpacking gear.  This saved us a ton of money.  Now I just need to get up the courage to be left out in the middle of nowhere and find my way home. My parents live on the boundary of the wilderness.  

Ted isn't worried about mountain lions, rattlesnakes, twisting of ankles,  falling off of cliffs or getting lost.  He is the anti-worrier and I am the non-stop worrier.  We make a great team.  

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